Gap up to front wheel between two very slippery rocks in New York, Photo by JK

Riding a post competition demo in Durango, Colorado

Huge thanks to Bob Adams for these pictures from a shoot in Riverside, Califonia

Out with the old faithful, and in with the new Koxx Orange Sky

Second day on the shiny new bike. Salida, Colorado

A picture of the fully loaded tandem taken at the top of a big pass in New Mexico on our current trip, photo – timed.

About to drop/gap during a clean section at the ‘Trials from the Crypt’ competition in Durango, Colorado. Result – 1st in Pro. Photo – Kevin Drake.

Some post competition riding at the event in Durango. Photo – Stewart Pomeroy.

Some big air at a small skatepark riding a hardtail on Quadra Island in BC, Canada. Photo – Timed.

Quadra Island skatepark again, learning X-ups and Toboggans on a brakeless hardtail this time. Photo – Huw Wahl.

Quadra Island skatepark, riding the hip. photo – Huw Wahl.

My trials bike posing in the Utah Desert after riding some red rock near Moab. Photo – AIC

A picture taken during a mountainous and cold 2 day adventure on Vancouver Island BC, Canada. Photo – AIC.

A christmas day view from Chinese Mtn on Quadra Island BC, Canada. Photo – Timed.

Riding Downhill on Whistler, some of the funnest training possible! Photo – Timed.

Huge Pieces of driftwood make great technical training, taken on the west coast of Vancouver Island BC, Canada. Photo – Barry Cook.

Competing in the UCI World Championship round in Knokheist, Belgium. Photo – Patrick Donovan.

Amazing photography catching a shadow cast on one of the rocks at The Bridestones in West Yorkshire, England. Photo – Chris Hayton.

A big gap between two rocks at The Bridestones West Yorkshire, England. Photo – Chris Hayton.

Another great line at the Bridestones in West Yorkshire, England. Photo – Chris Hayton.

Street riding on one of my custom bikes in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Photo – Chris Hayton.

A Super Technical move on a railing in Todmorden, going very wrong. Photo – Chris Hayton.

Drop from a railing in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England. Photo – Chris Hayton.

Riding Buthiers in France at Koxx Days 2006, on another one of my custom bikes. This Picture was used for a page in MBUK magazine in the same year. Photo – TRA.

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