Name : Aran Iolo Burgoyne Cook

Hometown : Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England

DOB: 14th October 1986

Years Riding: 10

Nickname: Iolo

Occupation: Trials Stunt Rider / Bicycle Builder


Best Results:

1st in Pro – Nationals Round, New York. June 25th 2011

1st in Pro – Nationals Round, Durango, Colorado. May 28th 2011

1st in Pro – Trials from the Crypt, Durango, Colorado. October 2010

1st in Pro – Moon Rocks Trial, Fort Collins, Colorado. May 2010

5th in Pro – Crankworx Trials Competition, Whistler, BC. August 2009

3rd Overall – Tunnel of Doom Road Time Trial, Liverpool. Febuary 2009

4th in Pro – British BMX race Round 3, Preston, UK. March 2009

1st – 1st – 2nd – 1st – British Biketrial Champion 2006


I have been biking for around ten years now. I started riding trials when I was 14, on a small rigid mountain bike with V brakes. Since then I have improved every single time I have been riding. For me that’s what makes trials so addictive.

I grew up in West Yorkshire, England. My first training ground was a small area of rocks about 2 miles from where my parents live. I loved the technical challenge of these rocks and rode there a lot. Now 10 years later I still enjoy this riding area and its constant challenge.

I also have a big passion for traveling and riding with new people. Biking competitions and stunt shows for the public have taken me to a huge number of countries. I have ridden in over 100 stunt shows, sometimes for crowds of a few thousand people. I have also developed an interest in bicycle design and frame building and like to spend my free time in a workshop making ideas into objects.

In the last few years I have discovered the advantages and fun of cross training. I now also enjoy mountain biking, riding skateparks, BMX Race, downhill and road riding, and also compete in these occasionally.

In 2011 I hope to travel to as many competitions as I possibly can, upgrade my camera and keep producing videos and keep improving my riding and fitness.


Favorite riding spots – Vedauwoo, The Bridestones, Fort Collins

Favorite Things – Oats, Trialtech stuff, Making bikes, Hot Chocolate

Worst Riding Injury – Faceplant onto a concrete block while riding my brakeless bike, causing bad concussion, black eyes, cut up knuckles/chin and a fractured jaw.

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