Filmed in an afternoon riding near Falcon Lake in Canada, on my brakeless street bike.

Song – Burst into Flower by Fish and Bird, Filmmaker – AIC.

Riding the amazing sunny rocks at Yosemite, California.

Song – Over the Electric Grapevine by Primus, Filmmaker – AIC.

Brakeless street riding in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was filmed from another rolling bike.

Song – Valerie by Amy Winehouse, Filmmaker – Huw Wahl.

My Roadtrip from BC to Colorado via LA, riding in a huge number of places along the way.

Songs – too many to list, Filmmaker – AIC/Lee Laskin/Jason Dada.

All filmed in and around Fort Collins, Colorado in May 2010.

Song – misc. Filmmaker – Jon Tollerud.

A crash video of a HUGE gap i tried to jump on Quadra Island in BC, Canada. Resulting in a bent wheel, broken brake lever and cut up legs. i was lucky to walk away !

Song – misc. Filmmaker – AIC/Paul Elphic.

Filmed over two days of riding in Vancouver, Canada.

Song – Atomic by Blondie and Talk Show Host by Radiohead. Filmmaker – AIC.

Riding rocks in France and street in England.

Song – Express yourself, Filmmaker – AIC.

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